giardino villa ricevimenti acireale

The Gardens

The guests can smell Sicilian scents and admire the beautiful colors
being in the nature of a time gone-by land, among trees, roses and colorful flowers.

30 acres of land are planted with citrus, lemon, orange, and tangerine.
The variety of succession of Mediterranean flora offers a multicolored carpet, capturing and projecting visitors in a timeless space.

villa acireale giardini
villa acireale giardini
villa acireale giardini



Magnolia is the undisputed queen of our garden. This evergreen fills our park with its majesty. Its shiny and leather-like foliage adds opulence to the garden even in winter.

Magnolia has a spring bloom; it starts flowering in March with a splendid, fragrant white flower that anticipates the explosion of flowers and scents in spring.

Magnolia flower symbolizes dignity and perseverance.

Magnolia Villa con Giardino


Agaphantus Villa con Giardino



Native of Southern Africa, Agapanthus is a herbaceous perennial with bright green leaves, long and curved.

It blooms in summer, with a spectacular flowering amongst so many others.

Agapanthus seems to defy gravity with its long stem supporting the blue flower sphere, with brush strokes of indigo painted along the petals. This plant is so elegant that it seems to be reaching towards the sky to borrow all shades of blue.

The name Agapanthus derives from ancient Greek, meaning "flower of love". If love means that strong feeling, warm and imperishable, noble and willing, expressing joy and exuberance, then the name is right for it captures the characteristics of the plant and flower.



Chorisia speciosa

Chorisia Speciosa is native of South American tropical forests. It is a majestic tree and bold foliage open, well branched.

At the end of September, when the vibrant summer colours give way to the shades of autumn, Chorisia blooms with a cascade of flowers, intensely fleshy, creamy white and pink striated with yellow.

Chorisia Speciosa Villa con Giardino


Camelia Villa con Giardino



Camellia has notes of intense colour for the park.

It is native from Asia and grows as a woody shrub with a dense evergreen foliage, rustic and lush. It blooms in the cold season becoming the protagonist of our garden with its different varieties of colour, from pure white to deep red.

In eastern cultures, Camellia is a symbol of eternal devotion between lovers. The sublime dance of petal and calyx that covers the life cycle jointly, represents the persistence of love and devotion to each other.

Camellia was the favourite flower of Alphonsine Plessis, the dame who inspired the popular novel by Alexandre Dumas, "The lady of the Camellias". Coco Chanel loved this flower so much to make it a leitmotiv in her fashion collections.


Villa La Limonaia giardini02

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