villa ricevimenti catania

The Interiors

The Villa interiors are decorated with period furnishings and paintings, warm and soft lights,
they match in beauty and grace with the surrounding garden and park.

Guests and visitors will enjoy this refined atmosphere during their stay.

Within and outside the Villa, bygone time left a special flavor of harmony from the Hall of Mirrors to the Hall of Busts,
from the Winter Pavilion to the sunny terraces.

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cigno dorato

The Hall of Mirrors has comfortable and elegant armchairs in Empire style.

Both chairs and sofas are lined with silk reproducing the lute pattern, typical of the period.

Along the front wall are located three side tables each with a yellow marble top and gilt bronze profile.

Legs and feet are carved with meticulous ability, giving the impression of real lion paws supporting the tables top.

Three splendid green marble antique cups are placed on each table.

On top of the tables imposing neoclassical mirrors expand the space and characterize the environment.

The Hall is lightened by gilded wall lights, each with a bust of a winged woman playing a trumpet, with flowered wreath and five lampshades.

On the outer wall of the Hall, in-between the facade windows, we see lights in marble with goat heads and flowered garlands in bas-relief.

At the right end of the Hall of Mirrors we find a typical 17th century Florentine "fratino" table with exquisite carvings in wood.

At the very end of the hall, a neoclassical 18th century side table, with flowered decoration and marble top: over this table, a 19th century painting representing a stylish lady, dressed to ball, reflecting herself in a mirror. This painting gives the name to the Hall of Mirrors.

villa ricevimenti elegante

Villa Ricevimenti Elegante Catania

Villa Ricevimenti La Limonaia


The Hall of Busts is a large reception room, with the floor in handmade Florentine cotto.

Great English paintings, all dating back to the 19th century, decorate the walls: they represent noble Youngman dressed for a party. On both sides of the room, marble busts stand on marble pedestals giving the name to this hall. At the front wall, two splendid Caltagirone ceramic busts tower above the room.

The Winter Pavilion is connected to the Busts Hall. It features very large windows with draped curtains and three large openings to the outdoor that allow continuity of the inner and outer space as fluid prosecution.

The floor is in original Florentine cotto as in the previous room.

The Winter Pavilion is lightened by multiple bracket lamps in wrought iron that give a marvelous lighting to this interior.


villa ricevimenti acireale interni

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