The story

The story
Refined balance, beauty, and elegance

Villa La Limonaia

A universe of warm and enveloping colours and scents, just a few steps away from a fascinating city of art with a tourist attraction such as Taormina and authentic treasure chests of Sicilian history such as Catania and Acireale. The sea on one side, the largest active volcano in Europe on the other.

Villa La Limonaia offers its guests the unique atmosphere of a place that knows how to combine, with refined balance, beauty and elegance.
Built starting from the early eighteenth century, the villa has always been a noble residence and following renovations and extensions it has maintained over time a perfect combination of comfort and elegance. The neoclassical style villa has a unique location, which makes guests’ stay even more impressive. A few kilometres from Catania, overlooking the lemon coast, between the Etna natural park and Taormina, Villa La Limonaia has hosted over the years ambassadors, heads of state, illustrious personalities from all over the world, capturing them with the unique and unrepeatable charm of Sicily, such as Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret of England, Umberto and Antonella Agnelli and Ira F├╝rstenberg. Villa La Limonaia was chosen by Francis Ford Coppola as the set for the film “The Godfather III”.

Villa la Limonaia